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Sexta, 11 de dezembro de 2015

Industry development heats up in Latin America

Latin America was the place to be in August, with large-scale industry events welcoming delegates from around the world.

Reed's acquisition of lcomex as well as the escalating cohesive approach of the region's associations are two positive indicators that everyone wants to be in the Americas.

Reed Travel Exhibitions (RTE's) rebranding of its .Latin America MICE event lcomex - after acquiring the trade fair in 2014 - is expected to lead to the event's growth in 2016. lcomex 2015, which ran at Centro Banamex in Mexico City in August, was the last instance of tlje everit before being renamed lbtm Latin America.

"With the change of name, we are truly part of the international lbtm events portfolio and specifically we can now adopt many of the brand values that support each event," said David Hidalgo, the show director for ibtrn Latin America "For example, the global themes for the ibtrn knowledge programme can be used specifically for our region, combining local and
regional emphasis as well as an international flavour. The Mexican Association of Professionals of Fairs, Expositions and

Conventions' (Amprofec) annual congress took place in San Luis Potosi on 26-29 August, welcoming a record 224 delegates from across Latin America. The four.

Universidad Panamericana (ESDAI).

The Congress also gave exhibition industry association UFI a chance to bring together its Latin American Chapter. The association was represented by the three leaders of its Latin American chapter, Juan Pablo Maglier (La Rural, Buenos Aires}, Jose

Navarro (EJ Krause de Mexico) and Ligia Amorim (NurnbergMesse Brasil); as well as Nick Dugdale-Moore from UFl's Paris headquarters.

"Mexico due to its strategic location, infrastructure and unique features, has been perceived in recent years as one of the most attractive markets in Latin America for the development of professional fairs and congresses," said general manager of EJ Krause de Mexico, Jose Navarro Meneses.

"For this reason, the meeting of the Latin American chapter of UFI during the Amprofec Congress, which seeks to establish contact with the community of organisers of our country in order to enhance areas of cooperation and professional interaction, is of special importance.·

UFl's Dugdale-Moore said the trip to Mexico was a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship between UFI and its member associations;

Amprofec and Afida.The 56th general assembly of Latin American exhibition association Afida, also took place during the Amprofec congress. Afida President Ricardo Baquerizo Amador (Expoplaza, Ecuador) introduced the members of the Executive

Committee present: Juan Pablo Maglier (Vice President, La Rural, Argentina), Carlos Flores (Treasurer, Feicobol, Bolivia), Philippe Surman (Titular Director I, Reed Exhibitions Mexico}, Sergio Gutierrez (Adviser II, Espacio Riesco, Chile), Cecibel Lau (Alternate Director I, CIFCO, El Salvador), Mario Cajiao (Director, Corferias, Colombia) and Rafael Roldan (Past President, Ecuador).